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21 May 2021

Looking for something a little different?

We need a Supervisor for our beautiful, rural, community café in Puddington.  Could it be you?

The person we are looking for has experience in running a café/catering establishment as this is a very hands-on role.  They are happy to work predominantly weekends initially. This is seen as a developmental post where the cafes’ ability to sustain more staff will be achieved over the upcoming months. The supervisor will handle all day-to-day issues such as ordering, staff rosters, stock control, cash, Food Safety controls and staff training etc.  We need our Supervisor to be able to cook simple foods such as home-made soups and light lunches as well as being able to bake scones etc and produce wonderful barista coffees and other hot drinks.  If that isn’t enough, know that we are a not-for-profit café which means we place value on working alongside our friends, neighbours and community groups to provide activities and a warm place of welcome for everyone, but especially those who may feel alone and/or who are affected by dementia. With the right person at the helm who get our mission, we can offer a great rewards package!

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Last modified: 24 May 2021

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