Our primary goal is to promote healthy aging and living well, social inclusion and wellbeing for all.

We help people to learn new skills relevant to their life, or to retain life skills, in order to:

  • Achieve a sense of recovery and wellbeing
  • Promote compassionate inclusive communities and or provide awareness sessions relating to Social Isolation, Loneliness, Long Term Conditions, Memory Loss and Mental Health; for businesses, community groups and volunteers
  • Increase control over important areas of their life
  • Access opportunities to achieve their goals
  • Consider ways of living more healthily

We have a number of Retain therapists, befrienders and buddies who provide our services. All wellbeing services are tailored to individual needs. Detailed below are a few of the services we offer:

Our befriending/companion service aims to ensure a whole range of benefits: allowing people to feel less socially isolated and lonely, to have more confidence and a greater sense of independence. We will always do our best to ensure that our befrienders are well matched to each individual according to mutual interests and preferences – so if its walking, swimming, fishing or dancing, we can enable. We ensure that our approaches build confidence and enable our clients to live well. Typical activities include:
  • Days out
  • Shopping
  • Lunch
  • Companionship days, evenings & nights (please note we do not provide personal care services)
  • Mix Activity Groups
  • Cookery companions
  • Housework companion

We are able to provide education in mental health recovery focused approaches. This includes:

  • Assistance with accommodation, moving, acquiring furnishings and other essential household items.
  • Organisation of household tasks (e.g. cooking, budgeting/managing finances, shopping etc.).
  • Orientation to the local community and community services (e.g. use of public transport, shopping centres etc.).
  • Assisting individuals to participate in leisure, recreational, social, educational, and/or vocational activities, depending upon the individual interests and abilities.
  • Advocacy with other organisations and services.
  • Individual counselling.
  • Skill development, including encouragement of natural skills & interests, coping strategies & living skills.
  • Referral to other suitable services as needed. Our team has strong links with other health and wellbeing initiatives such as the GIFT Network (Gaining Independence Fostering Talents) currently operating in South Wirral.

Our caring and experienced Dementia Navigator Link Workers, based at our wellbeing hub Home from Home, work with older people in the community. They offer practical support, confidence building, information and encouragement to help improve general wellbeing and offer better access benefits.

Family, friends and health professionals can make referrals, or you can refer yourself. Just go to Contact Us.

Our Navigators can make home visits and also deliver services in community settings with one-to-one short-term packages to help improve the quality of your life. This might include:

  • Home adaption and equipment
  • Help to access appropriate benefits
  • Social clubs and activities
  • Making friends
  • Taking more exercise - EveryBODYMoves
  • Keeping warm and secure
  • Transport
  • Exploring holistic therapies for wellbeing and relaxation at our wellbeing hub, Home from Home
  • Beauty therapy in an inclusive environment with specialist therapists
  • Life story work

Our team has strong links with other health and wellbeing initiatives such as the GIFT Network (Gaining Independence Fostering Talents) currently operating in South Wirral. We are very experienced in working to support older people.

Challenging, stimulating and motivating sessions to suit all levels of ability and interests:

  • Improving “neuroplasticity” (memory recall) by stimulating both the long and short term memory
  • Promoting joint flexibility and muscle strength improvement
  • Working with eye and hand co-ordination and orientation skills
  • Promoting interaction and engagement
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Promote fun and laughter and entertainment
  • Contact with an outside team

We provide a variety of awareness sessions for community groups and private organisations, to help others understand how mental health recovery and living well with dementia can be enhanced by better understanding of such health conditions. We are able to provide Deaf Awareness sessions and also offer educational sessions on Dementia, Communication, Person Centred Care, Privacy and Dignity with our partner organisations.